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April 20 2015

How to better deal with the situation of mobile phone flooding?

March 31, 2015-America-Water entering into the phone could be roughly divided into the following three cases. The first one is falling into the water in case of power on. The second is that phone falling into the water in the situation of power off. The third one is that phone fall into the corrosive liquids, viscous liquid or other dirty liquids whether it is power on or power off. Today, the famous waterproof tablet online seller ruggedwaterproofphone.com will teach people the solution for above three cases.

Waterproof Cell phone

First, in case of falling into the water when the power is on, people should remember the following steps. First of all, people should cut off the power supply of the mobile phone as soon as possible and this will help to avoid short circuit board damage. Then, if people find If water droplets remaining on the screen, they should put the phone screen surface directly face with the lamps, spotlights and other minor heat to allow water to slowly dispersed. This process would takes more than six hours. Please do not use the hair dryer and other strong heat source to finish this process as the high temperature could cause the phone board breaking.

Second, if people let their phone drop into the water without power supply, they should strictly rely on the method for the first situation. However, if the water remaining in the phone screen or inner space is very seriously, people should send their phone to be repaired by those professional repairers.

Third, if the phone fall into the corrosive liquid or other viscous liquids, it will be much more seriously than the above two situation. First of all, the famous runbo x6 seller www.ruggedwaterproofphone.com recommend with people cut down the power of your phone quickly and then clearly clean the phone by fresh water immediately. On the other hand, people could also immerse their phone into the fresh water to dilute the corrosive liquids in it. Next, please open the machine as soon as possible and then clean the inner part of the phone with alcohol or other professional washing liquid. After all steps above, people could reassemble their phone after the drying of those phone parts. If people could not finish all steps by their own, please find some specialized personal of this area to get help.

If people want to get rid of the mobile phone blooding situation, they could directly buy one set of Waterproof android phone from ruggedwaterproofphone.com as soon as possible.

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